Monday, November 29, 2010

AAM and my December Daily

Oh I have waffled back and forth on this one so much ...hybrid, digital, hybrid, digital...yada, yada, yada. Well at least a lot of yada, my head. I started some digital layout designs before we went to Italy but then once we came back I realized that I was not going to go to Florida, and that I really might not have enough to fill up digital pages on my own. Perhaps a simpler hybrid design would work.

Then I looked for some transparencies , which have always appealed to me and found very very little in the two big box stores near me. I balked at buying on line and paying so much PLUS postage! when I do have a great digital stash. Ok, I tried printing some myself. That worked out ok, not great but ok. And yes, I did spend a small fortune on the transparencies. Geeze... you'd think they were made of petroleum or some such valuable product!!! Why can some plastic be so cheap and other plastic so frickin' expensive. Anyhow, money spent. I'm over it.

Saturday, I went to my stash of papers which I bought yrs ago thinking I might become a paper scrapper. I easily discarded that idea when I found the digital world.  I cut my 6x8s out and was happy. I decided that I would not print Ali's overlay page but rather use that as a template, and yes do that one each day or as close as I could come to each day.  But I still longed for more transparencies. Oh the heart does get greedy. I figured I could paint some with various designs and do a couple more Christmasy digital overlays, now understanding that I need to reverse the image and also duplicate the layers a few times for more depth.

Now it is Monday, and I am washing the new sheets I got on sale at Target on Saturday. I was impressed by the packaging but as I opened the box today, I did a mental happy dance.

Do you see what is on top of that box? a plastic sheet almost the exact size just crying to be decorated! (btw, that cord is to an electric mattress pad which I adore. Dual setting. Perfect.)

Just in case you wonder, that khaki goes very well with our Ikea duvet cover and shams.

But there's more! As I got ready to put the top sheet, which we do not use, away, I felt cardboard. YES! another item to think about for the book. Maybe this will be the Christmas day page. And I finally noticed the little window in the plastic. I'm not sure how I'll use this but I love it. A real peek into...well into something.

All about me? some days I'm open enough to see the joy and awesomeness in the little things. Today was one of those open heart days.

(Don't know about December Daily? Well here is the motherload of information on Ali Edward's site.)

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Gemma said...

Glad I am not the only one who quivers at the price of transparencies! I opted to buy a couple but also making some myself by printing on vellum and acetate.

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