Thursday, October 21, 2010

Progress and Patience

Progress sometimes come in very slow steps.

We contracted to have new windows on the front of our house as well as a new front door and storm door. The work was to start in June. Well start it did. There was a lot of hemming and hawing and moaning and groaning with our new windows. Our house is old - 1910 - and not surprisingly it is rather crooked. The contractor had worked on our house before and when we decided on Anderson windows for the whole front it was ...Great. Fine.

Then came the installation and the hot weather. While we were not the ones working outside, there was a lot of hot air coming in  - literally and figuratively.  It was then suggested that we could have had windows made to measure rather than install new replacements of the old size.  Eventually, they were all in and  eventually the new window sills were corrected, the walls and trim were painted and that part of the job was done.

Information was given to the contractor on exactly which door we wanted and exactly which storm door we wanted and the door hardware was waiting. We would go to Hawaii for 2+weeks and the installation could start when we returned.

August arrived, we were home but there were no doors. We waited, we made phone calls, and we waited and waited and waited. Finally the front door was installed.You will note a Halloween wreath on the door. That tells you it was not installed in August...

Now we waited for the storm door. Again, this was a door that was supposedly ordered mid July. Supposedly we say. Finally that arrived and was installed. We actually had a few days when it was still mild enough to enjoy the screen and the breeze.

Now to have the door painted as well as all the interior trim around the door. I had a feeling it would be a Christmas wreath on the door when that happened.

The painter finally returned our phone calls, finally showed up, and finally started. Then the door handle fell off...

I'll wait to see what happens as the day goes on. I know where the Christmas wreath is ...just in case.

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