Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plan and then change Plans

Today is continuing the trend of the weekend. I plan x and y happens. Mostly it's ok, but it still gets me a bit flustered. The many trips we've taken have taught me to go with the flow and not let too many things go to the last minute. I had planned to do a LOT over the weekend. Didn't happen.

I went to watch my grandson play waterpolo, which WAS planned, but he hurt his arm and we thought it was broken. Since he was over an hour from home, and no one was home anyhow - if you're a parent with 3 children, you understand weekends like this - I went to the emergency room with him here in Annapolis where he was playing. By dinner time it was ascertained that the arm was not broken and he had a ride with his coach back to Virginia. I don't begrudge the time at all but when I got home I was zonked and it was an hour of "As Time Goes By" and then zzzzzzzz. 

Sunday was a day with a granddaughter at the Science Fair in Washington DC.  Can you imagine displays for miles??? There were over 1,000 booths and no we didn't see them all. I didn't even go all day as my dear dh went in the morning to VA to get her and I met them midday in DC. That allowed for a bit of quiet time to recenter myself at home before I went. I needed that as it was a day that lasted until mid evening. We both were zonked when we got home Sunday, and another early night for us both!

Now the cat's meds are ordered, the Ambien is ordered, the list of to-do items is shrinking and so it was ok that the dh realized today....yes, today...that he needed new slacks for the trip.  To Target we went. I even got a new laptop bag and ...heheh ... a bag of Halloween M&Ms.  Home and more water to drink. Can you believe we will be turning the a/c on tonight to sleep???

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