Friday, October 8, 2010

Haste makes Blood

I really wasn't in a hurry, or so I thought, but I obviously wasn't being as careful as I thought I was. Last night I was finishing up those secret Halloween banner tags for someone who is way too young to read blogs, so I CAN share that here. I was pleased to get the letters all on the paper with the frickin' little pop dots. Oh they work well, but so fiddly and so boring.

Since the only thing left for that project was to get the ribbon or emboidery floss for the threading. I decided that I would leave that till the a.m., and instead I would cut out some pdf printables for my travel journal. I had done a few with the x-acto knife and my trusty Tim Holtz ruler. But then making one of those long straight cuts, my hand slipped and into my left index finger the blade went! AAAARGHHH! Blood! I stuck that finger into my mouth so fast you'd thing the blood was chocolate. I wanted to be sure that no blood would get on my printed pages. Gotta prioritize!

Since the finger was in my mouth I couldn't see how much it was bleeding but it tasted 'ok'. I had my dh help me get a bandaid and some antibiotic on it. I swear his hands were shaking more than mine. He gets upset when he sees me hurt whereas I'm kind of cool and calm one.

I kept that finger above my heart for about 2 hrs, and then I was ready for bed. It still throbbed a bit, but no blood was seeping out of the bandaid, and I added a 2nd to ensure that I wouldn't have blood spots on the sheets...just in case.

Today it feels ok, though I haven't looked yet. I find it difficult to type on the keyboard but then again, I do suppose I should be resting it. That's hard.

Now it's just time to bite the bullet, take the bandaids off, and see how it looks.  Dan Zielske you have all my sympathy. No pieces of MY finger fell off, and for that I am truly grateful.

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