Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dishing the Week - encore

I liked how I used to sum up the week earlier in the year. I dished my week here, on things I reflected upon on Sunday.

I let it go when trips got in the way and it got to be feeling like a chore again. I wanted more words than the POTD usually included but I know I get bored with the same design over and over again. Perhaps this will be a chance to test out various ways of getting to the place where I can remember my week. Not just remembering it but remembering it in a way that resonates with me. Will I use the same layout each week? will I have words and photos each week? will I get it done each week?

I have no ideas about the answers to those questions. I do know that I liked the reflection time on Sundays. Can blogging and scrapbooking be a form of meditation? I think so. Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood has the right wording for it. CraftSanity. We craft our sanity and we find gratitude. I do and I hope you can also.

Now I must go eat ...and reflect.

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