Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Back to yoga today, and while I love the class, dear lord the ground gets harder every year! I do have a well padded mat but my knees say NO! NO! don't make us do this! Sorry knees, you are just going to have to do your best. I won't push you past your limits.

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Actually, the room was cold to start and I know I would have felt a lot better had I done the 30 min workout I had planned to do prior to the class. Oh, someone is a lazy woman. I wonder who???

Our teacher is good, and while she goes through the basics, she also goes around and gives individual hands on. Yeah!! I so like yoga but my last teacher was a no-nonsense man (fool imho) who kept saying "If you can't do xyz, Try HARDER!"  He was teaching at the Senior Center and his methods sounded like a prescription for injury. I was really tempted to smack him more than once but instead just left the class.

I think this teacher would be an ideal personal trainer, and I will have to look into that later this month. Now, I'm happily enjoying the endorphins. Ommmm.

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