Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ohhhhh, me and yoga

I have really liked the new gym that the city opened in January and miss it when we are away. Of course, once I get back each time it's hard to fall into my old routine and I mentally do a lot of grumbling. This summer they started some new courses which are free to full members. I am one of those.

Some of the classes are designed for the 'more mature' members such as moi. On Mondays there is a balance class, on Tuesday a yoga class for seniors, and on Wednesday a Sit and Fit.  Nope, no Stitch and Bitch, that's usually at Barnes and Noble!

I have yet to make it to the Sit and Fit as the program said it was on Thursday, when I went, and it turned out it had been changed to Wednesday.

Well the first yoga class was ok, the 2nd I missed, and the third was good. By the third, we were down to only 3 students which was fine with me.  We got a lot more individualized instruction and that was really nice.

Today I'm not sure what we did differently, but boy did I break out into a sweat! That was good but pretty surprising. Yoga can be so many different things, and like the cat above, I have more of a middle than I should. However, today I felt my body stretch a good bit, and after yesterday's stretching in the balance class, I'm glad tomorrow is just a Sit.


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