Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I find A Book

You never know when a new book will fall in your lap or shopping cart or your GoodReads list. Yesterday, a new book came via the Wordless Wednesday site. Now I must say that I don't know if I'll check back on that linky list too often since many of the WW photos have text or the poster doesn't get that you are supposed to link your specific post, not your site, to Mr. Linky. Rather than get ticked off with other peoples' blogs, I'll just venture into some and wait for serendipity to happen as it did yesterday.

One link I had to try just for the name was Beth Fish Reads. Now Cooking My Life reads too so this sounded like a good match, eh? (I was in Ontario this month...) Beth does read and she also reviews books and only lives a state away. I liked all that. But as I scanned down the blog, yes scanned, as it was only morning and I didn't want my dh to find me still at the computer in my jammies when he returned for lunch, a phrase caught my eye and heart.

Here was the phrase that sold me. "I open my cello case and smell my grandfather." Ok, that was it. Gimme the book, put it on my GoodReads to-read list, and share it with you. I want to read this. I must be learning some lesson as I have avoided short story collections and stated that publicly, so what is this one? Yep, a short collection of stories. Simon Van Booy's Love Begins in Winter.

Oh, I'm also a sucker for a good cover. I didn't even see this one when I made my decision but look at his other upcoming philosophy books and tell me those aren't great covers too.

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