Saturday, September 4, 2010

A good word...Hooray!

Like so many of my thoughts, few of them are original. I hear or read something, and go "Oh yeah! that's sooo true!" This one came from Ali Edwards who I thank.

This has been a bit of a down week with the passing of our little granddaughter Bekah. Children of six aren't supposed to die, are they. I'm 66 and as much as I'm happy to stay around, it would be understandable if I were the one to go. But the suffering Bekah was enduring was heartbreaking to all, so strange as it might seem,
2008 - a year before Bekah became ill

Hooray for the end to Bekah's suffering.

Hooray! for the cool breezes that make it seem as if fall may be coming soon!

Hooray! for our ability to switch gears and come home from a Canada trip.

Hooray! for money to fly across country on short notice, and flights that are available.

Hooray! for friends who step in and cat sit for our aging 'boy'.

Hooray! for on-line and off-line friend who shed tears with us and comfort us.

Hooray! for life, for the ability to feel, and to love.


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CurlyPops said...

So sorry to hear about Bekah passing. It's so difficult when someone is so young. Sending hugs.

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