Monday, September 13, 2010

AAM Monday

Back home, and darn that feels good. Our funeral trip to AZ was a good one but we both were pretty worn out by the time we reached our own front door.

That door is now being replaced and what wonderful cool weather they have for the job!

So what about me? Well, I got back to the gym and into a Balance class. It is one of those that comes free with my membership and I knew it would be great to get a grip on balance before I felt 'unbalanced.' Our teacher is really good and makes it all fun. I loved the stretching, especially after a day sitting on an airplane. I think I will also start doing my back exercises and stretches again ..easy and oh so good feeling. As much as I liked the physical therapy after the snowshoveling stiffness, I'd prefer not to 'have' to go there again.

What didn't feel so good today was the time at the dermatologist. I know it's good for me, and I know the 'pain' doesn't last long, but that ice burn of spraying the nasty little spots off isn't fun.  I also scheduled a mini surgery for spots I have never seen, considering that I almost sit on them! So much for the time I spent roof sunbathing in the Middle East sans bathing suit. Everything has its price I suppose and this is enough about me for the day.

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