Thursday, August 26, 2010

What he got me

My lad was out in Western MD for a few days, visiting friends and riding his bike. When he does this, he invariably comes home early and I get discombobulated. After a few years, I do plan that he will be home half a day or a day earlier than he said, and prepare meals accordingly.

This time, he came home when he said he would, had already eaten, and brought me this. (He got himself the same.)

Now that was way too much for me for lunch and he had already had lunch. I was hungry tho so I ate half and had the rest for my dinner. He gave me his bit of salad and his pickle. That's love.

Crabcakes from G & M . You can't beat that with a stick, as we used to say in high school.

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Pat said...

Have lived in Baltimore county all my life and never have been to that restaurant. The crab cakes look amazing. Need to have the Husband take me there one evening.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day,

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