Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday

June 1979

No children, you don't plant the flowerpots! Here are my younger two children, after a session of washing my mother's flowerpots. This was her house in Davidsonville, one she bought for us and to be closer to the house in Bethany Beach DE. Looking at this picture, I recall how silly that little bit of patio was. The house was on 3 acres, and look at this postage stamp bit of concrete!

My blond lad was seven and a half, and my daughter was going to be six in 3 months. She still was very tiny for her age and looks like a toddler there. I don't think she did much of the washing dressed like that and I really don't recall who did it or why we did.I suspect my mother had plans to start planting and building the garden. This was the year she moved in...not long after we had been evacuated from Iran and I supervised the construction of that house. Sadly, my mother would die just two years later.

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missy k said...

I love this post.

What a wonderful idea... sharing the story behind a photograph.

I was sorry to read about your mum - thankyou for sharing.


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