Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday

This is my Aunt Florence and Uncle Joe some time just before WWII. My uncle was my mother's older brother, and boy was he handsome. Before the war, he was working as a tree cutter in upstate New York, and I imagine he was very grateful to have that job during the depression. I have no idea how he came to have it but I recall my mother saying what a good job it was, especially for a young man who liked the outdoors.

He and my Aunt Florence were married around the same time as my parents I believe as I have a cousin Joe who was born just two months after I was. My Uncle Joe was a navigator in the ArmyAirForce on the Burma run, and was killed just after the war ended when his plane crashed into a mountain in India. It took four years till the remains of the crew were brought back and buried in Alexandria, VA.  My aunt never remarried but was a fun loving woman and loved very much by my mother. Sadly, my aunt developed Alzheimers at an early age...50?..and died shortly thereafter.

It's an odd thing that both my cousin Joe and I are both only children and lost both of our parents 'before their time'.

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missy k said...

When I saw this stunning photo I almost didn't want to read the post because I thought it might have a sad ending.

But, I am glad I did.

Thank you for sharing.


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