Friday, August 6, 2010


About Bekah... from Sharlah's friend

The doctors told Sharlah today that Bekah's virus has progressed to pneumonia. She had a very hard night as they tried to lower the settings on the bipap. She also did not keep her feed down and her NG tube had to be replaced. Sharlah had to inform the school that Bekah will not be able to begin until January. This is extremely disheartening for Sharlah because she will need to tell Bekah. Bekah has been looking forward to starting school and returning to a somewhat "normal" life. As normal as you can get I suppose with all the struggles she faces daily. Lacey and I even went school shopping with her the weekend before she became ill and suffered the stroke. She had picked out her backpack and lunchbox with excitement and anticipation.

It is as if an imaginary hand reached out and pushed the pause button on their life and just as that hold button was released each time a gigantic speed bump was thrown at them. Then the hold button pushed again. Each event has drained a little bit more life out of a little girl that wants with all her heart to be full of life again, but each time it appears she can have a little hope of regaining the life she remembers she loses that chance. Of course, everyone around them have continued down the road of life. I went to visit the hospital on Wednesday night and watched as an almost seven year old little girl who is only skin and bones and must wear a diaper and attached to machines all around her was lifted onto a hanging scale because she wasn't allowed to stand up with all equipment attached. I watched the tears begin to fall and the crying begin because she had no idea what to expect as this was happening. She was shaking because she was cold and her eyes full of panic and pleading locked onto her mom's and Sharlah told her it was ok and she was right there with her. She just kept repeating that to her until they were done with this particular procedure.

This is the world they live in everyday. Please continue to pray for their strength and hope. Please pray for the entire family and the wisdom of the doctors as they treat her. Any prayers you can offer are so appreciated.

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CurlyPops said...

I'll definitely be saying a little prayer for Bekah today Maureen.

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