Monday, August 16, 2010

AAM Monday

Ok, this is about me and someone else. That someone, to be specific, is my first grandchild, the son of my first child(son). It was nerve wracking to be at work that day as the birth seemed imminent but slow to happen. I was in Annapolis, and the event was to be in DC which is a good drive at the best of times. Fortunately, traffic back then was not the hellish nightmare it is now .

I certainly didn't want to miss seeing the child when it was born but I also had ticket with a few of my friends to see the Subdudes up in Baltimore. I agonized all day about what I might be doing...would the baby be born in time? would I miss the concert? yada yada yada Then finally the call came and off to DC I went. Seeing the new baby was wonderful in itself, seeing a tired Mother brought back memories of my times giving birth, but seeing the joy and wonder in my own son's eyes was the real gift.

Then dancing, dancing, dancing and singing our heads off that night...what a night. The strange part is that the Subdudes drifted apart and then got back together. It was only last year that the coincidence of a major life event took place. One of my friends died after a heart transplant and a mutual friend and I had tickets for a Subdudes concert in Annapolis the day of the service. She had been with me years ago when we danced for the new grandchild. After that servie, she was with me as we wept through the music thinking of our friend, now gone, but knowing she was out of pain and at peace. The ebb and flow of life on musical notes.

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