Monday, August 9, 2010

AAM Monday

Wasn't too busy a weekend but but we had family excursions both days that either ended up taking  all day or a good portion of the day. I've also found that eating out mid-day is more than enough for my tummy for the whole day. You too?

Saturday we drove out to Leesburg VA to meet up with dh's cousin (mid 70s), her husband (older), and her mother WAAAY older. Aunt Catherine is 100.5, and will be 101 in December. She is a wisp of a thing but only retired from her work a few years ago. Can you imagine? She worked at Peace Plantation the animal rescue league she founded many many years ago.

We had lunch at a very good Indian buffet at Angeethi which suits Aunt Catherine and her daughter who are vegetarians. It was a bit like having a young child at the table so no other food pictures were taken. I wouldn't mind going back there in the fall perhaps.

We had picked up a flag flown over the USS Arizona memorial when we were at Pearl Harbor. Earl, Aunt Catherine's sil, is a WWII Vet and a survivor of a kamikaze attack. The number of those vets is dwindling and we were glad to be able to give him a special thanks again in this way.

We got to Leesburg in better time than we imagined- just over an hour , and low and behold across the street from the restaurant was a Farmers' Market. All the while in Hawaii, I had been thinking of peaches, plentiful peaches. I would have been thrilled to have plentiful mangoes but they were being sold individually just as they are here. Pooooh. I let dh pick the peaches out, 12 each of the yellow and white, and we are down to 5 of his white and 5 of my yellow. Fortunately I got a half bushel at the Baltimore market yesterday. But here are some pictures of the Leesburg market to make you hungry.
Aren't these great bread containers? made by the sellers fil
Some canning tomatoes are just coming in
They have banjo music here out near the mountains of VA
It's always nice to have tastes first

Picking carefully
These were so lovely I wished I could have taken one home. Mine didn't do so well despite my neighbor's waterings.

Well, I leave you with the Saturday pictures. Sunday was the Farmers' Market in Baltimore and then lunch with two of dh's children. All in all a very family weekend.

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