Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Tasks in 10 Days

Back on June 30th, I set a goal of completing 10 tasks in 10 days.  I wanted them done before we went to Hawaii, but it didn't happen. Most got done but a few lingered.  So... let's get a go on the current 10 which will include the stragglers.

The original list

1. Finish planting annuals/herbs.
2.Wrap and take packages to post office.
3. Sweep deck.
4. Finish Italy mini-book.
5. Meet with trainer at gym again.
6. Find 10 books for recycling. (This is a minuscule amount considering the total #!)
7. Start online backup system.
8. Make bread.
9. Take shutters and windows to Second Chance in Baltimore.
10.Find eBay trade assistant.

So let's go with the stragglers first - #s 1-3

  1. Meet with personal trainer at gym
  2. Take items to Ebay Personal Assistant
  3. Make bread (this has been kept tho it's still hot)
  4. Cull Hawaii photos (already sorted by dates)
  5. Decide on templates and papers
  6. Weed driveway side of house
  7. Make Peach chutney
  8. Make eggplant curry
  9. Take a box of things to Lutheran Mission
  10. Fill scrapbooks with printed pages

1 comment:

missy k said...

Nearly done!

I find writing things down is the only way to get them done.

I do tend to move some things from list to list with a line and c/f through them..... carried forward!

Eventually I get around to doing them!

I am planning to do a 'job' a day until I go back to work September 7th. That should get rid of my 'stragglers'

Good luck with yours!!!!

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