Sunday, August 29, 2010

Break Time

Time for a little blog break. See you when I'm a year older! which will not be a year from now. 

birthday cake for Dan's 25th *explored?!*

Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Friday

Lilongwe, Malawi 79-81 

Steve, Vince and Walt, an unholy trio if ever there was. But effective? Oh yes, they worked together and work well they did. Another lifetime to be sure, but a memory none the less.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What he got me

My lad was out in Western MD for a few days, visiting friends and riding his bike. When he does this, he invariably comes home early and I get discombobulated. After a few years, I do plan that he will be home half a day or a day earlier than he said, and prepare meals accordingly.

This time, he came home when he said he would, had already eaten, and brought me this. (He got himself the same.)

Now that was way too much for me for lunch and he had already had lunch. I was hungry tho so I ate half and had the rest for my dinner. He gave me his bit of salad and his pickle. That's love.

Crabcakes from G & M . You can't beat that with a stick, as we used to say in high school.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scrapping the tough stuff

Some things are harder to scrap than others but sometimes they just jump out of your heart onto the page. I was filing away some beach themed paper (digital paper) and it came to me in a flash. My dil had written a long post on her daughter's CaringBridge site about all the hard things you never think of when a child is critically sick, and sick for over a year so far.

I believe this page was the like the original question Sharlah (and I) had been mulling over this past year.

10 Tasks in 10 Days

Well this is how I did...

  1. Meet again with personal trainer at gym
  2. This is having to be postponed til the gym reopens after a week closed. Early September.
  3. Take items to Ebay Personal Assistant
  4. I consider my part has been done since the earliest appnt. I could get was September 10th.
  5. Make bread (this has been kept tho it's still hot)
  6. Nope. Still too hot for this idea.
  7. Cull Hawaii photos (already sorted by dates)
  8. Decide on templates and papers for Hawaii album
  9. I actually did better because I started on the album!
  10. Weed driveway side of house
  11. Make Peach chutney
  12. Decided to freeze these & make the chutney when cooler
  13. Make eggplant curry
  14. Take a box of things to Lutheran Mission
  15. Fill scrapbooks with printed pages

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Text Messaging, Art Journal Style

(I APOLOGIZE to those who left comments that are not showing.  My head hangs in shame as I accidentally deleted them. I did read them and SERIOUSLY appreciate them!)

Another month, and look what I found here.

Make an art journal page with just text. I have rid myself of so many of the magazines I'd hoarded in the sake of space but had some travel ones which was good. The older bits of text I have in my Words drawer were used mainly as journal inspirations a few years ago. I'd add the text to a blank page and write whatever the wording brought up. I also made a journal for a (younger) friend when she graduated from college. I hadn't added to that drawer much these days digital life had taken over.

I knew right off the bat that I wanted to do a text follow up to the pre Hawaii page. So I cut happy, inspiring bits of text and got it all done last night, just sitting with dh and talking about ...electronic gadgets.

Then I laid them out and found that the texts just flowed the way I wanted them to. The larger bunches of words I left out deciding that the straight linear way was going to work. I could journal in the smaller spaces later. Once I had them laid out on a blank sheet of paper, I snapped a photo which I then kept up on my iMac screen as a template.

Then glue the bits down, leave out the big ones, and there it is ...a background I like for another Hawaii page. What I now feel about the trip will get written, someday. Probably someday soon.

Now I can go look at what the other Crusaders have made and try not to be too judgemental about my own work after seeing theirs. Mine looks very unfinished but it does tell a lot of my story already. It is what it is!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday

June 1979

No children, you don't plant the flowerpots! Here are my younger two children, after a session of washing my mother's flowerpots. This was her house in Davidsonville, one she bought for us and to be closer to the house in Bethany Beach DE. Looking at this picture, I recall how silly that little bit of patio was. The house was on 3 acres, and look at this postage stamp bit of concrete!

My blond lad was seven and a half, and my daughter was going to be six in 3 months. She still was very tiny for her age and looks like a toddler there. I don't think she did much of the washing dressed like that and I really don't recall who did it or why we did.I suspect my mother had plans to start planting and building the garden. This was the year she moved in...not long after we had been evacuated from Iran and I supervised the construction of that house. Sadly, my mother would die just two years later.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Midway Mark

  1. Meet with personal trainer at gym
  2. Take items to Ebay Personal Assistant
  3. Make bread (this has been kept tho it's still hot)
  4. Cull Hawaii photos (already sorted by dates)
  5. Decide on templates and papers
  6. Weed driveway side of house
  7. Make Peach chutney
  8. Decided to freeze these & make the chutney when cooler
  9. Make eggplant curry
  10. Take a box of things to Lutheran Mission
  11. Fill scrapbooks with printed pages

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


(Technically it's a photo so does that count as Wordless? It does in my book...)

Monday, August 16, 2010

AAM Monday

Ok, this is about me and someone else. That someone, to be specific, is my first grandchild, the son of my first child(son). It was nerve wracking to be at work that day as the birth seemed imminent but slow to happen. I was in Annapolis, and the event was to be in DC which is a good drive at the best of times. Fortunately, traffic back then was not the hellish nightmare it is now .

I certainly didn't want to miss seeing the child when it was born but I also had ticket with a few of my friends to see the Subdudes up in Baltimore. I agonized all day about what I might be doing...would the baby be born in time? would I miss the concert? yada yada yada Then finally the call came and off to DC I went. Seeing the new baby was wonderful in itself, seeing a tired Mother brought back memories of my times giving birth, but seeing the joy and wonder in my own son's eyes was the real gift.

Then dancing, dancing, dancing and singing our heads off that night...what a night. The strange part is that the Subdudes drifted apart and then got back together. It was only last year that the coincidence of a major life event took place. One of my friends died after a heart transplant and a mutual friend and I had tickets for a Subdudes concert in Annapolis the day of the service. She had been with me years ago when we danced for the new grandchild. After that servie, she was with me as we wept through the music thinking of our friend, now gone, but knowing she was out of pain and at peace. The ebb and flow of life on musical notes.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 Tasks in 10 Days

Back on June 30th, I set a goal of completing 10 tasks in 10 days.  I wanted them done before we went to Hawaii, but it didn't happen. Most got done but a few lingered.  So... let's get a go on the current 10 which will include the stragglers.

The original list

1. Finish planting annuals/herbs.
2.Wrap and take packages to post office.
3. Sweep deck.
4. Finish Italy mini-book.
5. Meet with trainer at gym again.
6. Find 10 books for recycling. (This is a minuscule amount considering the total #!)
7. Start online backup system.
8. Make bread.
9. Take shutters and windows to Second Chance in Baltimore.
10.Find eBay trade assistant.

So let's go with the stragglers first - #s 1-3

  1. Meet with personal trainer at gym
  2. Take items to Ebay Personal Assistant
  3. Make bread (this has been kept tho it's still hot)
  4. Cull Hawaii photos (already sorted by dates)
  5. Decide on templates and papers
  6. Weed driveway side of house
  7. Make Peach chutney
  8. Make eggplant curry
  9. Take a box of things to Lutheran Mission
  10. Fill scrapbooks with printed pages

Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday

This is my Aunt Florence and Uncle Joe some time just before WWII. My uncle was my mother's older brother, and boy was he handsome. Before the war, he was working as a tree cutter in upstate New York, and I imagine he was very grateful to have that job during the depression. I have no idea how he came to have it but I recall my mother saying what a good job it was, especially for a young man who liked the outdoors.

He and my Aunt Florence were married around the same time as my parents I believe as I have a cousin Joe who was born just two months after I was. My Uncle Joe was a navigator in the ArmyAirForce on the Burma run, and was killed just after the war ended when his plane crashed into a mountain in India. It took four years till the remains of the crew were brought back and buried in Alexandria, VA.  My aunt never remarried but was a fun loving woman and loved very much by my mother. Sadly, my aunt developed Alzheimers at an early age...50?..and died shortly thereafter.

It's an odd thing that both my cousin Joe and I are both only children and lost both of our parents 'before their time'.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to some scrapping

This is for a scraplift from an on-line chat yesterday night at Designer Digitals.

The page I picked was one of Kathleen Summers pages. She is on the Creative Team and led the chat last night. TY Kathleen!

What I made was a similar one of the start of our Hawaii trip. I love to get the nitty gritty of the start, and sometimes the end. This was the first leg - MD to LA where we spent the night.

btw, scraplifting is a GOOD thing as long as you don't totally copy the original page and pass the idea on as your own. Most scrappers are flattered to be lifted!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Worded Wednesday

I couldn't resist sharing this photo from a friend of mine. He labeled it and I got a 7am laugh out of it!

Children of the Popcorn

Monday, August 9, 2010

AAM Monday

Wasn't too busy a weekend but but we had family excursions both days that either ended up taking  all day or a good portion of the day. I've also found that eating out mid-day is more than enough for my tummy for the whole day. You too?

Saturday we drove out to Leesburg VA to meet up with dh's cousin (mid 70s), her husband (older), and her mother WAAAY older. Aunt Catherine is 100.5, and will be 101 in December. She is a wisp of a thing but only retired from her work a few years ago. Can you imagine? She worked at Peace Plantation the animal rescue league she founded many many years ago.

We had lunch at a very good Indian buffet at Angeethi which suits Aunt Catherine and her daughter who are vegetarians. It was a bit like having a young child at the table so no other food pictures were taken. I wouldn't mind going back there in the fall perhaps.

We had picked up a flag flown over the USS Arizona memorial when we were at Pearl Harbor. Earl, Aunt Catherine's sil, is a WWII Vet and a survivor of a kamikaze attack. The number of those vets is dwindling and we were glad to be able to give him a special thanks again in this way.

We got to Leesburg in better time than we imagined- just over an hour , and low and behold across the street from the restaurant was a Farmers' Market. All the while in Hawaii, I had been thinking of peaches, plentiful peaches. I would have been thrilled to have plentiful mangoes but they were being sold individually just as they are here. Pooooh. I let dh pick the peaches out, 12 each of the yellow and white, and we are down to 5 of his white and 5 of my yellow. Fortunately I got a half bushel at the Baltimore market yesterday. But here are some pictures of the Leesburg market to make you hungry.
Aren't these great bread containers? made by the sellers fil
Some canning tomatoes are just coming in
They have banjo music here out near the mountains of VA
It's always nice to have tastes first

Picking carefully
These were so lovely I wished I could have taken one home. Mine didn't do so well despite my neighbor's waterings.

Well, I leave you with the Saturday pictures. Sunday was the Farmers' Market in Baltimore and then lunch with two of dh's children. All in all a very family weekend.

Friday, August 6, 2010


About Bekah... from Sharlah's friend

The doctors told Sharlah today that Bekah's virus has progressed to pneumonia. She had a very hard night as they tried to lower the settings on the bipap. She also did not keep her feed down and her NG tube had to be replaced. Sharlah had to inform the school that Bekah will not be able to begin until January. This is extremely disheartening for Sharlah because she will need to tell Bekah. Bekah has been looking forward to starting school and returning to a somewhat "normal" life. As normal as you can get I suppose with all the struggles she faces daily. Lacey and I even went school shopping with her the weekend before she became ill and suffered the stroke. She had picked out her backpack and lunchbox with excitement and anticipation.

It is as if an imaginary hand reached out and pushed the pause button on their life and just as that hold button was released each time a gigantic speed bump was thrown at them. Then the hold button pushed again. Each event has drained a little bit more life out of a little girl that wants with all her heart to be full of life again, but each time it appears she can have a little hope of regaining the life she remembers she loses that chance. Of course, everyone around them have continued down the road of life. I went to visit the hospital on Wednesday night and watched as an almost seven year old little girl who is only skin and bones and must wear a diaper and attached to machines all around her was lifted onto a hanging scale because she wasn't allowed to stand up with all equipment attached. I watched the tears begin to fall and the crying begin because she had no idea what to expect as this was happening. She was shaking because she was cold and her eyes full of panic and pleading locked onto her mom's and Sharlah told her it was ok and she was right there with her. She just kept repeating that to her until they were done with this particular procedure.

This is the world they live in everyday. Please continue to pray for their strength and hope. Please pray for the entire family and the wisdom of the doctors as they treat her. Any prayers you can offer are so appreciated.

Flashback Friday

Look at these little darlins. They are the sons of a friend of mine from my overseas days. Her boys are close in age to my sons and so while I'm thinking it could have been taken in Bangkok, it could also have been in England. We have "Ian"s as bookends to our sons, but mine is an Iain.

Just a fyi...each of our older boys is now in his 40s, so that tells you how time flies! Hope all is well with you Sterling, wherever you may be.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Home again, Home again...jiggitey jig

Hawaii is now a memory... and it's home again after a red-eye to Houston, not too bad with a bit of Ambien. A short sleep, but sleep nonetheless. Then a connection to Baltimore and what a gift...mild weather. Home.

Ok, yes, it's laundry time but it's also-

1. Eating and sleeping on my own schedule.
2. MY whole house rather than a hotel room or even a condo.
3. Our cat, even tho he was seriously hungry at 05:00
4. More than two pairs of shoes
5. 625 photos even without his!
6. Gratitude that I can travel but have a wonderful home to come...HOME to.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I want to try...

Is this not a clever way to show of some of those great travel shots? Much more modern than those collage frames that have more mat space than photo space. The great idea was found at lovinglivingsmall.

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