Friday, July 30, 2010

Flashback Friday

Not a really distant flashback but one that makes me recall just how many places we have gone and how many trips have been taken in 9 years of marriage. Himself can probably pull up a spreadsheet of the where and when's which is a good thing since there are times I wonder "Did we go there"? I half joke that if there isn't a photo, I'm not going to remember anymore. It's not just age, it's the quantity of places. Not a bad thing at all, is it...

And this flashback? One of the earliest trips we took in 2002. Seattle, bus to Vancouver, and then cruising the Alaska straits. Less than a year after 9/11, border security was tight in both directions but it was fun to see the countryside in the whole border area. Boy, it seems so long ago but here it is 9 years later and Oh the places we have seen. My packing skills are so much more refined, I have my own laptop to record the bits and pieces, and I know when to say Enough. I won't see it all, I can't see it all and still enjoy it, and I'm perfectly ok with that. Quiet, me time is just as important. The pauses in the journey help keep the joy in the journey, the Big Journey.

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