Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wonderful Freebies - PS/PSEScripts

PS/PSE Scripts?

I had no idea there were such things or even what they were, but Christy VanderWall , formerly a designer at Scrap Girls, had them listed at the bottom of her layouts there. I bought several of these scripts when they were still for sale at Scrap Girls, and have found them to be invaluable.

My favorite has been the File Save 1 which makes the tedious process of taking a .psd file and saving it as a full resolution .jpeg AND then one sized for the web. Get a layer, click the scipt and apply....and you have two correctly sized .jpegs sitting on your desktop. Just Like That.

I had planned to go back and buy a couple more of her scripts, but ...gasp...her products were no longer listed at SG. That is where the power of the net comes in. I found her and guess what???????

Now Christy is giving these babies away....right here. You know you can make a donation of course, and since you are saving yourself both time and money, why don't you!

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