Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unfinished Business

Sadly, we had a good many points about the interiors of our new window to discuss with our contractor.

We know our house is old and crooked. So did he. The windows are definitely level and straight but the inside has many bits that look crappy, half assed, whatever. This was one situation where dh and I were in total agreement that while functional, the look is not acceptable. There is one photo on the page below, bottom left, which shows how one of our other windwos was finished. Yes there's a lot of dirt but the after the gardening dust blew in, the house cleaners had to be delayed for a week, then two because of these windows.

One thing that will be nice as they redo a lot of the bits is that the window sills will be enlarged. There's nothing quite like deep window sills. And when will all this be done? tomorrow which is quick but another day with a lot going on in the house. That's how house projects are!

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