Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten Tasks in 10 Days

Well, I am a bit late to this party but that's ok. I didn't have a working computer since Monday night and missed reading my blogroll over the past couple of days. I'm glad that off-line life takes precedence but you never know what you missed till a bit later, do you? All in all, it's really how life should be imho.

Ok, back to the list. I have so many projects I'd like to get done before another vacation or two, and I really want to have more clearing up and clearing out on the 2nd floor. Getting all new windows on the front of the house had made a major improvement in both appearance and efficiency. Now I can deal with the interior, now that the dust and debris is gone. So...I have until July 9th to finish this list.

1. Finish planting annuals/herbs.
2. Wrap and take packages to post office.
3. Sweep deck.
4. Finish Italy mini-book.
5. Meet with trainer at gym again.
6. Find 10 books for recycling. (This is a minuscule amount considering the total #!)
7. Start online backup system
8. Make bread.
9. Take shutters and windows to Second Chance in Baltimore.
10.Find eBay trade assistant.

11. should try to remember how to do a strike thru in html!

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Yummers! said...

Well, here I am on your blog. I'm so glad we've connected.

I love your task list and can identify with it. I just am afraid to write anything down cuz I don't get to the chore and then I feel frustrated. But, maybe you'll be a good infuence, so I'll become a List Maker this afternoon. The List Maker sounds like a book title!

Happy 4th Weekend!

PS Left you a message on DD.

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