Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another day, hon'

I'm hoping it will be a quiet day. We had a very full day yesterday with two parties, one across the bay and the other nearer to Washington. It is rare, very very rare, that I ever nap. However after getting home betwixt events and feeding the cat, I totally conked out. I slept sound for a full hour, deep rem sleep! DH nearly had to wake me up to go out again.

So today, while I had planned to go up to the Farmers' Market in Baltimore, I realized I just needed to stay home and be still. Tho we have three markets today right here in Annapolis, so if the urge strikes, I can still get a market 'fix'. But Baltimore? not today, hon'.

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Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I had a nap yesterday too. Such a busy time of year and I've been waking up in mild panics on our weird off day thinking "Oh my gosh! Roxi is still asleep--gotta make sure she wakes up!!!" Then I realize it's 5:30 am and Roxi does NOT have to go to school. Sigh.

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