Monday, June 28, 2010

AAM Monday Playing with Ink

I took Dina Wakley's Art Journaling 101 class at GIS and I really liked it but never completed it. You see we went off to Italy and Malta, yeah, rough, I know...

Well last month, Debbie Hodge offered the 4 classes as a package WITH the videos and I grabbed that. I know how to gesso and play with that medium now from class one but don't always have the patience to let the pages dry. I also learned the hard way not to start with a small journal, 4x6", since it takes forever to prep those pages. My Italy book sits and waits for completion.

Art Journaling 102 starts off with spray paint! Yes! and it dries quickly. It took me much longer to cut out the silhouette of myself from way back when I was a volunteer at the dedication of the WWII memorial in Washington DC. As an aside, you cannot imagine how much security they had in place for that event, and how many hoops we had to jump through just to volunteer. Hours of training, but thank god it all went off smoothly, and no veteran needed medical assistance on MY watch. Well worth it but boy did I look like a dork in the uniform and baseball cap. But I got a good silhouette out of the photo of me looking sheepish in my cap.

Dina Wakley Art Journaling 102

I need to make myself some spray inks. I only have 4 purchased colors and I saw on line where CVS has some little bottles that look like the MiniMisters. Hope our SkeevyMess carries them. Actually, CVS is really clean and nice here, and not deserving of the old epithet.

So that's me today...playing with ink.

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