Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 years Before D-Day

I could never forget my parents' wedding was June 6 1942. Here it is 2010, sixty eight year since they were married. However, their marriage only lasted 31 years because my father died in 1973.

The wedding was simple because my mother's family had very little money. Her father was a cola miner and has been sick for serveral years. No pension, no disability and no Social Security. My father's family was a bit better off but tight with money. They hadn't even been willing to pay for the photo of my father for his Senior yearbook.

Back in those days, my parents were considered to have had almost a 'mixed marriage.' My father's family went to the Irish Catholic church and my mother's family went to the Lithuanian Catholic church. The mixing of the two ethnic groups was frowned upon and my father's family were not overjoyed with the woman their son was marrying. I recall the veiled animosity between the two families, and I don't think there was a holiday where they were all together.

But two years later, my father and two of his brothers were in the Army and my mother's brother was in the Army Air Corps. My uncle Tommy, who was best man at the wedding, took part in the D-Day invasion. Of these 4 uncles, only my Uncle Joe, a navigator, was killed when his plane crashed into a mountain in India, shortly after V-J day. It took 4 years for the remains to come back to the United States for burial.

One thing I do know, is that my parents were very much in love when they married. Many many family members have told me that because, sadly, the love didn't last. But on June 6, 1942, love was in the air and they were happy newleyweds.

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