Sunday, May 30, 2010


I just made this post on Get in the Car which is my sister blog which documents a lot of our trips. I had to think what has kept me busy over the last year since I have done a lot of scrapping. Perhaps not as much as a lot of folk who have growing families they document, but a lot for me.

I looked back on the past year and thought this was the year of digital classes! They did seem to suddenly appear all over the place with the closure of many of the scrap magazines. I do miss Simple Scrapbooks the most because as I scrapped I found that 'simple' was certainly more my style. I'm not a big embellisher and realized that the use of the doo-dads of scrap-booking was what held me up the most.

But as the magazines bit the dust, a lot of the great designers turned to on-line classes. What a great opportunity for us! and I hope a good benefit for the designers who no longer had to travel so much to teach their particular skills. I've taken classes with Anna Aspnes, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Debbie Hodge, Pattie Knox and Dina Wakely. In earlier years, I'd taken some with Renee Pearson and Jessica Sprague. (Don't ask why I'm not better...the teacher can only do so much for you! The rest is native skill and practice.)

I am reminded a lot about the classes I've taken because I finally had to say NO. No more. Get caught up with a lot of other projects that have been hanging about. Then Shutterfly had another sale, and I said...ok, get two of those half done books finished and ordered! One got done last night, and I know I can get the final 5 or 6 pages done on another before Shutterfly's June 10th deadline for this sale.

I will admit I did order another class bundle to do at my own pace and in my own time. Get it Scrapped has Dina Wakely's Art Journaling classes on sale WITH downloadable videos until June 4th. I had already taken the first one and really liked having someone show me HOW to do the gesso bits etc but I started with a very small - 3"x4" - book that is taking me forEVAH to finish because drying pages take t...i..m..e. Next art journal will be much much larger and I will start with pages that "I" put together. That way a lot of the prep work can be done. I didn't think I would go in this direction but the Creative Spirit has a mind of its own.

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