Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not worth the wait (yes it was!)

So far I have been greatly under-impressed with this book.

I put this book on hold twice before and wasn't in the country when the book came into the library. I should have taken that as a sign. Pretentious navel-gazing is fine for the young and narcissistic but I really don't want to read about it. It is my understanding that a plot actually develops mid-book.

I shall forge on but I am very glad that it is only my tax money that paid for this book (library copy) and not my current disposable $$s.

10.05.07 / POSTSCRIPT: I came back to this book and got past the early part and ended up loving the story. I will also say that I still think the beginning part was overdone. We get that both the main characters are pretentious snobs. Let's move on, and the author did. I finished it up today, laying on the couch on a balmy afternoon and relishing the tale. Read it if you haven't, but know there is some slog at the beginning.

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Pat said...

Isn't the library wonderful! We have a great city library system. I rarely buy a book unless I've checked it out at the library first.
I enjoy your blog...especially your photos.

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