Thursday, April 1, 2010

April FOOD Day

Feeding America

It's that time of year again. A good time. The sun is out, the gardens are starting to look like they have halfway forgotten the snows of the February from Hell. And how about you? Are you hungry today, do you wonder where your next meal is coming from or do you just have to decide which grocery store you'll frequent today?

For so many of us bloggers, food is such a part and parcel of our lives that we cannot imagine what it is to be hungry. No, not hungry because we're cutting back on the 'white stuff' but hungry because we don't have enough food, or any food. Hungry because what food there is has to go to the children, not us.

I have never been hungry a day in my life. Never.

How many people you pass on the street can say that? How many ordinary looking people hide the hunger because how can you tell someone you don't have food in this land of plenty? They're there and they need your help. Today.

So no April Fools, just April FOOD. Let this month be the month you share your abundance by letting another person eat. Do it by clicking this link
Feeding America and finding out where you can make a difference for someone. Do it today.

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