Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh but you are worthy!

Remember this one? "We are not worthy, we are not worthy..." How funny it seemed in "Wayne's World" but it's not funny if it's how you feel about yourself now as Brene Brown over at Ordinary Courage reminds us.

It's not worthy when, or worthy if, it's worthy NOW. Worthy no matter what. If you're a human being you were created worthy. You may have made some damn stupid or hurtful choices, and you can be sure I have too but we are still worthy. Not entitled. Worthy.

Worthy of respect. Worthy to give and receive love. Worthy to keep on making our own choices. Just plain worthy. So next time you think you're not worth it, think if you're ready to bow down like these two guys, and most likely you'll see that in reality - you are worthy. Now go stand in front of a mirror and give that great person you see a bow. Wayne would.


Tania said...

I quite like the notion of standing in front of a mirror and bowing to Wayne! Excellent post...

squarepegperson said...

I've been searching for a way to say what you said here: "Not entitled. Worthy."

Thanks for putting it so succinctly - if I HAD been able to wrap my mind around it (boy was I stuck with this) I'd have written something 15 paragraphs longer to explain - you nailed it! thanks!!!

And the Wayne's World photo made me smile!
ok, I'm going to go bow to the mirror now.

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