Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Hilton Head

Saturday we took off to spend time in the warm sun at Hilton Head. We made an easy drive to Wilson NC which was our final destination of the day. Why only Wilson??? Barbeque, but not just any barbeque, the tangy pulled pork of Bill Ellis . Oh that is some good eating. After a full, and I do mean full dinner, we went wild and headed over to WalMart for some shopping. If that doesn't make a night, well I don't know what does!

In hindsight,we realized we could have driven further, as we found the drive today so tiring we decided to take a pass on Charleston and just have lunch at Santee SC. We had good meals at Clarks but then, oh, that endless I-95. Booooring. The traffic was ok, but it seemed endless. At least it wasn't summertime or hot so all in all we were just car weary when we arrived.

A quick check into our villa, and out to take a walk on the ocean. I had never found a sand dollar and today they were plentiful. It was a good walk with a good breeze and we came back and both took naps! No dinner for me tonight and just a small sandwich for him. That tells you that Bill Ellis' "done" filled us up. I was glad I'd hit the little Fairfield Inn gym both on Saturday and early this am. It helped but an early night will help even more. Sorry Oscar, I have to turn you down tonight. I have a date with the sandman.

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