Friday, March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

This is mostly for dear JAPRA. Stroopwaffels. Right here, any time I want now!!

I saw these in a new store to Annapolis, Fresh Market, and yes, oh yes I bought them! Have I taken them on my trip or left them home for my return? What do you think???

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We can see clearly now...

It isn't that the rain has stopped (thank you Johnny Nash), because it has been raining on and off for several days. It's that dh got a new windshield installed on his car. He's had the car for 10 years and between acid rain and stone and pebbles flinging themselves at high speed, the windshield came to be like an eye with a cataract. It never seemed clear any more.

But now...WOW. It's amazing! btw, the duct tape was just to hold some molding repair for an hour or two. We don't drive with it.... ;-)

Monday, March 22, 2010

When it rains, it pours

It's funny that after a very quiet period, our house has seemed very busy. I wonder if that has anything to do with dh fixing the doorbell!

From lots of quiet chez nous, we had a bustle of doorbell ringing Saturday. We had gone out to breakfast with friends, something we hadn't planned, and when we came home I decided after a bit that I would take a nap. I do this about 3 times a year. I don't nap easily and I was just drifting off to sleep when the doorbell rang. My son and grandson here in Annapolis. That was just the first of many many rings that day.

Sunday seemed the same! Now today is starting with a drizzle so I wonder if it will be a quieter day or the same? I don't know...but I'll be at coffee with one friend at 8:30, coffee with another at 1:30 and at the physical therapist at 6:00. This time dh will have the doorbell to himself unless the cat gets interested in answering the door!

Happy Monday to you!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

the birds are back

This is truly a mixed blessing. Our finches returned with their welcome chirping as the winter cardinals seemed to leave. This winter's February from hell snow had at least one nice thing about it...a multitude of cardinals who flew back and forth across our deck and enjoyed the bread crumbs.

But then the rackety grackles return. The finches go quiet and only the squirrels make more noise. If only one could get rid of these bad neighbors, the grackles. They shriek and swope and chase most of the other birds away. Honestly, I hate them.

Please tell me if they have a saving grace cause I sure don't know it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Love the image, loved the book

I strongly suggest you read it too, or just enjoy the image if you're too busy right now.

Monday, March 15, 2010

AAM Monday

Intention isn't everything. Or so I've come to believe. Kind of.

Last December, I had come to the realization that I was a couple months into my 65th year, and feeling tired and much less than fit. The clothes were getting tighter, the muffin top had obviously had some yeast added to it, and I did not want to continue on this path. I really didn't want to change my lazy, carefree ways but carefree was not so free anymore.

So I made a mental decision, and went off to London where I did get back to some walking. Not a lot but I held my own during that trip, and didn't expand out of my clothes at least. That in itself was good. Shortly after I got back, I heard about a new city gym from my dear friend Judy. My dh was away and I promptly went over and signed up. I had a session with a personal trainer and started going daily. I liked having the option of bikes, treadmills and ellipticals to vary the workout every 10 min. It was still too dark and cold to walk outside in the am. A week or two, and I was enjoying it. Then it snowed. Oh man did it snow. February was kind of a lost month with a lot of white all around our house. A lot.

However, with my dh away again, I did the shoveling for snow round 2. I took it in measured stages, rested flat on my back - ok, on the couch, in front of the fire, watching Netflix between shovel sessions. We had a LOT of snow, blizzard level snow this February, but I and my back survived. I ate less too.

My dh returned and I finally was able to get the car out of the driveway. Yeah! Freedom!! I went back to the gym, to the same workouts I had done and went home feeling great.

The next morning I could barely get out of bed, and had to get my dh to put my shoes on for me so I could go to the Dr. for some periodic blood work following the annual physical. My life became a heating pad and a back as tight as I'd hoped for my stomach muscles. (ok, I never hoped for that much...I know me and sixpack abs are not on my Wishlist.) In the physical, I had mentioned periodic pain in my right knee. The Dr. said it seems to be arthritis behind your knee but I'll send you for an e-xray to be sure. She also said stay off the bikes and eliptical. What???? this leaves me only the treadmill...ugh.

The back pain (locked tightness) continued and at the prodding of my dh...insistence!...I went back to the Doctors. I was given a set of back exercise, an appnt for a back x-ray, and a referral for a physical therapist. It is now March and where is the progress I had hoped for?!?!? My intention was there but somehow there was a disconnect between my head and my body. However...diligent daily repetitions of the back exercises, and walks on the beach or sessions in the resort gym have me back to relative normalcy. I found that my knee hurt more when I only walked so I added the recumbent bike and short sessions on the elliptical. I still have a tight back and hips in the am but I can dress myself and use the toilet with ease. Yes, the latter was an issue with a stiff back. Men can just shake but women wipe. Think about it or don't.

So here it is the real Ides of March, and have I made any progress since January? Well, holding my own is about it and in some ways I guess I'll have to be ok with that right now. I am eating less, and not enjoying that but I am sticking to some exercise every day unless I am sitting in a car on I-95 for 10 hrs.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my cholesterol #s had gone up according to that blood work. No relation to what I decided to do but a good reason for sure to pay more attention to my health. I guess I'm just starting a life habit and it feels like a lot of unintended roadblocks along the way.But it is what it is. It just isn't what I wanted it to be.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye my friend

It's been a wonderful week hanging out with you. Well, you and the turtle couple. I hope they are doing well since I only saw Mr. or was it Mrs. Turtle today. I hate to have to leave you and your beautiful home here on Hilton Head, but I must. My real life isn't any too bad either so I won't complain. I hope to see you next year, same time, same place. Adieu!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh but you are worthy!

Remember this one? "We are not worthy, we are not worthy..." How funny it seemed in "Wayne's World" but it's not funny if it's how you feel about yourself now as Brene Brown over at Ordinary Courage reminds us.

It's not worthy when, or worthy if, it's worthy NOW. Worthy no matter what. If you're a human being you were created worthy. You may have made some damn stupid or hurtful choices, and you can be sure I have too but we are still worthy. Not entitled. Worthy.

Worthy of respect. Worthy to give and receive love. Worthy to keep on making our own choices. Just plain worthy. So next time you think you're not worth it, think if you're ready to bow down like these two guys, and most likely you'll see that in reality - you are worthy. Now go stand in front of a mirror and give that great person you see a bow. Wayne would.

Monday, March 8, 2010

AAM Monday

All about me Monday... Now which of us doesn't really think, deep down somewhere we don't want to always go, that it IS all about me!! Well, me can be downright amusing to me a lot so I hope you is amusing to you. I'm happy to be here in Hilton Head enjoying the ocean outside my door, well balcony i.e. And let me tell you, it is so great to be walking outside, in the sun, with the surf to my side. I left a Maryland with icy piles of snow still remaining, and the roads and sidewalks really not always fit for walking yet. Sadly, the school children had to or they would have still in school when the September opening rolled around!

But it's been a while since I did a wordle, and thought I would do one on a recent post. Enjoy!

Deja Vu

A little over a year ago...Dec 26 2008, were had eaten nearly the same meal.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello Hilton Head

Saturday we took off to spend time in the warm sun at Hilton Head. We made an easy drive to Wilson NC which was our final destination of the day. Why only Wilson??? Barbeque, but not just any barbeque, the tangy pulled pork of Bill Ellis . Oh that is some good eating. After a full, and I do mean full dinner, we went wild and headed over to WalMart for some shopping. If that doesn't make a night, well I don't know what does!

In hindsight,we realized we could have driven further, as we found the drive today so tiring we decided to take a pass on Charleston and just have lunch at Santee SC. We had good meals at Clarks but then, oh, that endless I-95. Booooring. The traffic was ok, but it seemed endless. At least it wasn't summertime or hot so all in all we were just car weary when we arrived.

A quick check into our villa, and out to take a walk on the ocean. I had never found a sand dollar and today they were plentiful. It was a good walk with a good breeze and we came back and both took naps! No dinner for me tonight and just a small sandwich for him. That tells you that Bill Ellis' "done" filled us up. I was glad I'd hit the little Fairfield Inn gym both on Saturday and early this am. It helped but an early night will help even more. Sorry Oscar, I have to turn you down tonight. I have a date with the sandman.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hope and Acceptance

A lot of thought has been given to these two concepts lately. Our granddaughter Bekah's illness and recent near death has prompted me to rethink hope and acceptance rather than hope vs acceptance.

When someone we love is critically ill, it's natural to hope, to pray that all things will resolve, sooner rather than later, too! When it is a little child how much stronger that desire for a quick resolution to the issue, the illness becomes. Even as a child myself in grade school, I was taught that God hears all prayers and answers them. Sometimes the answer is no, or not yet, or are you sure that's what you want? That I believe is an answer geared to a childish mind, and yet sometimes as an adult that is as far as we, I, can go. I only know I want a child's suffering to end while at the same time knowing full well that all sad and painful things do NOT end with miracle cures or recoveries.

So how does one have hope, and yet be willing to accept the possibility that a child will continue to suffer or that a child will die sooner rather than later? I think recently I have come to believe that one can always have hope...hope that there is a possibility that what is longed for, what is prayed for may happen. May. It may be in a natural course of events, or it may occur under circumstances that fails all 'reasonable' explanations. We usually call this a miracle and I think the longer one lives the more likely one can see or recall things, wonderful things, that seemed virtually impossible but actually ended up happening.

For me this has now come down to being able to hope in the possiblity, to hope that the nearly impossible-to-achieve outcome may happen, and still, still accept what actually does happen No Matter What. I can believe in the power of prayer and yet understand that sometimes what the prayer does is 'heal' the heart and soul of the person praying.

For all of this Bekah, I love you for being willing to be the teacher. You are truly loved.

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