Tuesday, February 2, 2010

White Space

In this week's lesson at Cathy Zielske's DYL-Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking , the subject of the week is White Space. In painting, the negative space. But negative tends to have a bad connotation while white is neutral or better at least. Empty space. Space where the rest of the design, the life can be viewed more clearly. Where what's important stands out, rather than being lost in a jumble, in chaos.

Cathy asked us to look for white space in our homes. Oh how I've longed for white space. It was one of my primary goals in renovation. The redesign of the kitchen to make it more functional and spacious was the immediate goal, but the underlying goal - for me - was white space, spaciousness.

I have it, as long as I don't jumble it up with more, more, more. I did very little decorating for Christmas, so it's not the dregs of Christmas that clutters up my space. It's the little things that I don't take time for. Time to put them away, time to throw them away, time to stop hoarding little things Just In Case. Here are two examples for the cloudy space made into white space.

Here is my kitchen island early this a.m. The things on it are left from last weekend's pantry reorganization. It was something I hadn't intended to do, but a shelf started falling so it had to be done. I've seen that if something irritated me I am less likely to finish it.

5 minutes of work putting things back where they belonged resulted in this.

I am always surprised how little work it takes to get something from a 'hot mess' to white space. It only takes forEVAH in my mind. Are you the same?

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