Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally...a new winter header

I coulda shoulda - didn't - use a photo from snowmageddon 2010 but instead stuck to the tried and true food pic. I was thinking that the photo of little pretty flowers was not only out of date but probably wishful thinking for this year. Flowers are transient little things but food is constant round here.

These guys were twice the size, at least, last year.

As I've watched the snow melt, bit by bit, I've seen the occasional serious garden damage. Falling, melting snow snapped the above plants in half. Sigh. My wonderful rosemary and lavenders are still hidden and in areas unshoveled. With my back on the mend, the only shoveling done round here is going to be by himself. I wouldn't even like to try to explain how and where he might shovel now. I've had enough gardens over the years to know that plants come and plants go. That's the cycle of life. I only hope my neighbor's fig trees have survived this year's shock trauma. I love my bowls of free figs!

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