Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bekah out of Surgery

Bekah is out of surgery and the doctor is very happy with how her belly looked!!! They were able to put a patch over her open incision and perform the colostomy. As time passes they will perform "mini" surgeries to slowing close the incision. They hope to slowy begin weaning her off of the paralytic drugs to remove the venilator, but this is all based on how she does through the next couple of day. They will continue her clotting factor for the next couple of days as well.

Sharlah and Richard are so thankful for all of your prayers!! It can't even be put into words. The same doctor who said she wasn't going to make it a day ago said things are looking so good!! Truly the work of all your faithful prayers!!!! Sharlah can't hold back the tears everytime she talks about all of those who are praying for Bekah and she knows that this was a miracle brought by all of you crying out to the Lord for her when she was too exhausted to do so!!
Thank you so much! Please continue to pray!!

Happy Happy Memories

This one really got me back in the day...

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Art Therapy

Prayers for Bekah

I have felt extraordinarily powerless to do much other than pray to accept what will be regarding my granddaughter Bekah. In her struggle with aplastic anemia she has gone through two surgeries today and is fighting for her life as blood seeps into her organs.

I read this on an email from Scrap Girls and felt it helped a lot. If you need reminding of a power greater than yourself, here it is.

"I read an article recently that touched me profoundly, and I've spent a lot of time pondering it. The author was an ecclesiastical leader who had also been an airline pilot. He said that his favorite part of flying was taking off in the midst of a storm and rising up through the clouds until finally, breaking through, he was above them and could once more see the sun shining as brilliantly as ever. He likened this experience to the one we can have with prayer. In the midst of dark, stormy, and troubled times in our lives, we can pray to the Source of all light and invite His light back into our lives.

This has been a powerful image for me. I've had the experience of taking off in bad weather, too, and of marveling as the plane lifted above the storm into blindingly bright light. It was not the light itself that changed, only my ability to see it my perspective. The light was there, constant.

In my life, I am prone to discouragement and depression. Circumstances are so often troubling, and I feel I am so much less than I ought to be. But since reading the article, I have been able to remind myself that, no matter what troubles I am experiencing at the moment, the Light is still there. Above and beyond myself, God's love continues to shine. It is my part to seek His light through prayer and Scripture study, and through reaching out in love to others who may be struggling.

In many ways, these are gloomy times for the world as a whole. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by so many things that are beyond our control. But I remind myself that above all of us, no matter how murky the immediate situation, God's light - His love and power and purposes - blazes with unfailing brilliance. This gives me hope. It strengthens my faith. It keeps me moving forward. His brightness can illuminate my life even when I cannot see it with my mortal eyes.
Bobbi A.
Muse: To be absorbed in one's thoughts; engage in meditation. Not intended to solve the world's problems, another person's problems, or to cover topics completely. One does not have to agree with musings to enjoy them, just as one does not have to be the same as someone else to appreciate who they are."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally...a new winter header

I coulda shoulda - didn't - use a photo from snowmageddon 2010 but instead stuck to the tried and true food pic. I was thinking that the photo of little pretty flowers was not only out of date but probably wishful thinking for this year. Flowers are transient little things but food is constant round here.

These guys were twice the size, at least, last year.

As I've watched the snow melt, bit by bit, I've seen the occasional serious garden damage. Falling, melting snow snapped the above plants in half. Sigh. My wonderful rosemary and lavenders are still hidden and in areas unshoveled. With my back on the mend, the only shoveling done round here is going to be by himself. I wouldn't even like to try to explain how and where he might shovel now. I've had enough gardens over the years to know that plants come and plants go. That's the cycle of life. I only hope my neighbor's fig trees have survived this year's shock trauma. I love my bowls of free figs!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Budapest winter

This layout comes after the prior Budapest ....Happy Day In a chat at Designer Digitals this past weekend, one of the chat hosts mentioned that overcast days could give great photos. Well we had fog for most of our three days there in 2006 and the light WAS good. Haze is hard on my eyes but then there's always a price to pay somehow.

Looking at these pics makes us want to go back!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

one from school

A layout from Design Your Life, the class I am truly loving these days. Scrapbooking to me is about a story, and the cleaner the better. Ali Edwards was my first love in that style, but if you want even cleaner, magazine style then Cathy Zielske is the one. imho.

I thought of these photos when we got this template because it's where I got my great fur snow hat. I haven't had many occasions to wear that hat since 2006 but got a workout this winter!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

1966..a quaint custom back then to show off the marketable women. Children were always anxious to catch the bouquet and look at the woman in the orange dress. She was a workmate of mine who was past the usual young marrying age. Perhaps in her late 30s? The 20yr olds were ready to spring but I only remember my workmate as seriously eager.

How times have changed.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aches and age?

I do hope those two are not seriously connected for me.

I had been having a very good time at the gym recently, enjoying my morning workout there, and sticking to the Personal Trainers guidelines. Then came snowmageddon 10, and my workouts became shovel, shovel, shovel. Ok, shovel time mixed with on the couch, fireplace on, under the comforter time with Netflix's Wire in the Blood. Then my dh came home from Oklahoma, and I happily turned the shoveling over to him. So over a week away from the gym. I missed it!!

Back to the gym Monday and all was fine. Tuesday, my ankles ached as I walked the circuit. That was new! I also added my biweekly strength training, never going beyond what I had been doing. I felt fine when I left but by afternoon I felt like I was coming down with the flu...fortunately not gastro but achy all over. I slept on and off all afternoon and evening, and soundly through the night.

Weds am, I woke up with a seriously tight and painful back and hips. Mostly rest and heat all day, and this a.m., almost as bad. More heat, some JinShinJyutsu and it feels somewhat looser. This is really dismaying as I have had the enthusiasm and the get up in the a.m. willingness to get serious about exercise.

I'm not used to feeling like this and I don't like it! Ok, time for more heat and willingness to do what has to be done. I just don't know what that is right now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Geneology with a New Look

It's about time that charting your family doesn't have to look musty too. Lots of modern looks at this site.

My Tree and Me — Custom Genealogy Charts

Friday, February 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

I found this one of my parents, 1946, about a year or so after my father had come back from WWII. Looks like it was a fun time, and I'm glad to see that because it wasn't happy for many years of their marriage. But as my Aunt has said, they were certainly in love at the beginning.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I keep forgetting

How to do this, so thank you Cathy. Now maybe I'll remember that I have it here on the blog, but don't count on that. But maybe now YOU will remember how to do it if this concept has slipped your mind too. I'm betting that most of the steps are the same in PSE.

Photoshop Frame & Overlay Tutorial from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

This Is Why I Scrapbook

Shimelle really spells it out here.

This Is Why I Scrapbook: pretty paper. true stories. {and scrapbooking classes with cupcakes.}: This is just the beginning

But not my children...

Pets are better than kids because:

1. They eat less.
2. They don't ask for money all the time.
3. They don't raise your car insurance.
4. They don't hang out with drug-using friends.
5. They don't mind when you pass gas.
6. They never roll their eyes at you.
7. They are never embarrassed to be seen with you.
8. When they give you c**p, you can bag it up and throw it away.
9. They love you unconditionally even when you're sick in bed or have garlic breath.

And (drum roll . . .)

10. If they get pregnant, you can sell their kids.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Walking to the Westin

By late afternoon yesterday, the blizzard of 10 let up and my dh said "Let's go for a walk." I had been determined to stay in my jammies all day but it was not to be. "Ok.", I said without a lot of enthusiasm for getting dressed. I do like a walk in the snow though, and it would be dark soon so dressed I got.

What a sight to see West Street covered with snow and ice but passable. It's so typical. West St. gets cleared, and we, two houses off West, never see a plow. My dh felt the need to take the lead though had I fallen down in the road, he would never have known. So much for gallantry... Looking back into the sunset, it looked like this.

The Veterans Cemetery had been plowed but the graves just stuck up a bit to give a different look to the familiar place.

Next we headed into the Westin lot.

Mortons' had recently closed shop but we weren't looking for that. Fado was open though. Never underestimate how far we'll go for a meal! I wasn't that hungry so I split the fish and chips while dh had an appetizer of corned beef rolls. A good walk and a good, hot dinner.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

White Space

In this week's lesson at Cathy Zielske's DYL-Design Your Life class at Big Picture Scrapbooking , the subject of the week is White Space. In painting, the negative space. But negative tends to have a bad connotation while white is neutral or better at least. Empty space. Space where the rest of the design, the life can be viewed more clearly. Where what's important stands out, rather than being lost in a jumble, in chaos.

Cathy asked us to look for white space in our homes. Oh how I've longed for white space. It was one of my primary goals in renovation. The redesign of the kitchen to make it more functional and spacious was the immediate goal, but the underlying goal - for me - was white space, spaciousness.

I have it, as long as I don't jumble it up with more, more, more. I did very little decorating for Christmas, so it's not the dregs of Christmas that clutters up my space. It's the little things that I don't take time for. Time to put them away, time to throw them away, time to stop hoarding little things Just In Case. Here are two examples for the cloudy space made into white space.

Here is my kitchen island early this a.m. The things on it are left from last weekend's pantry reorganization. It was something I hadn't intended to do, but a shelf started falling so it had to be done. I've seen that if something irritated me I am less likely to finish it.

5 minutes of work putting things back where they belonged resulted in this.

I am always surprised how little work it takes to get something from a 'hot mess' to white space. It only takes forEVAH in my mind. Are you the same?

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