Monday, January 4, 2010

Adieu London, Hello North Atlantic

Our short week in London has come to an end. As many times as I've been to London over the years, there is never enough time. How true it is that a 'man who is bored with London is bored with life.' In this recent trip, I had many recollections of my first trip here in 1965. There were still many signs of WWII and in the City there were still bombed out areas to be seen. It was hard to think that this was one of the countries that 'won' the war.

me at the Vauxhall Bridge

We stayed in a B&B that was 1pound per night, and followed our England on $5. a Day book religiously. Yesterday, as I took time to have a long walk...down to Pimlico, along the Thames and to the Tate, I thought how many people were about and how many places were open. In 65, London truly shut down on a Sunday and it was darn hard to find somewhere to eat. If you missed the pub hours, you were out of luck.

Soon it will be time to walk over to Victoria Coach Station and check in with Cunard. Again, in 1965, we - me, my mother and my fiance - had a devil of a time finding the COACH station and the exact bus we were to take to Stratford. We managed but we also worried a lot in getting to the coach!

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bluerosephoto said...

Hope your tip was fabulous, Maureen !
Happy New year !!
(How about this amazing winter weather ??? ) :o)

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