Friday, December 31, 2010

December Daily Done!

Well, I still have two journal bits to write tomorrow when I meet with my Artist Way peeps. But otherwise, a good project it was. I had a lot of fun, and learn how to make it easier each year.

Finishing up with Dec 23 we have a shot of family and the backside of an overlay I made and really liked.

I put a piece of white cardstock behind it to show you Susan Branch's illustration that I made into a brush. It was appropriate because we ate in the kitchen since their dining room has been eliminated. Cozier that way and a good sized kitchen like ours. On the right is Dec 24, our dinner out with one of our daughters.

On the left you see the beautiful invitation to the Christmas brunch we try to make each year at our friends in Baltimore. This year was special and yes, the right side is blurry.

Ok, hope the right side is legible when expanded now. The next page is the Christmas card they sent which sums it all up. Happy Everything. And that is it.

She's a fat little book this year, and if I didn't like the cover so much I might switch it to just rings. I was quite aware of the size as I got to the last 5 or 6 days, and while my enthusiasm might have been waning at the end, I also wanted to get all the pages in.  Live and learn but mostly ENJOY!

CYA next year!

Flashback Friday 10 12 31

1999 Portland ME...we house sat. 2010 Falls Church VA ...I house sat.

A decade ago, one of us had more hair, both of us had better eyesight and one cat was still alive in Portland ME while another had yet to be adopted and live the rest of his life with us.  Two couples are now married, one baby was born, and life is good both north and south.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bright Lights Big City...kinda

Well, Tysons Corner VA isn't quite a big city but it's on its way.  If you want shops, it's all out there but just not tonight, not for me. Maybe tomorrow on my way home...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Wowza Indeed

If people think all boys are wild and run abouts, well here's proof there are other kinds.  A happy very very literate boy. n.b the number of books about... Think there might be a connection???

Many thanks for sharing this MaryAnn.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Crossing the Great Water

I'm leaving early to cross the great water today. No, not the Big Pond, just the Potomac but with snow on the way the sooner the better. I'm only going to Northern Virginia but the bad news AND the good news is that I'm going close to Tysons Corner.

Please shoppers...wait till I am settled into my dog sitting job before you jam the roads!

Friday, December 24, 2010

December Daily December 23

A busy day but good busy. Visiting family in VA, and doing the round the beltway routine. We heard that the government employees were leaving 2 hrs early, and so we waffled about leaving even earlier than our 2pm but decided to stick to it. Traffic reports said it was fairly good - as long as you weren't trying to head down 95South. Oh we know that business! But on the southern loop of the beltway, the traffic was unusually heavy for this normally quiet section, but not bad. With clear, sunny weather, and our GPS we did fine. It could have been a LOT worse.

We brought our laptops in case we had a good wait for the adults to return home from work, but were greeted by my son at the door. I did quite a double take because with the new beard he looks a lot like my xh. Still shaking my head at that vision.

The remembrance isn't written yet, and when it is it will stay private.

Here we have me wearing an afghan from Afghanistan. Actually a long scarf, which my son said made him think "Oh that's  Mom." My colors and it's hanging outside to air now - a bit too much scent of Afghanistan still lingering on it.  There will be journaling under that flap of Santa on the right. Mainly about dh and the two granddaughters playing on the iPhone and iPad. 

The overlay on the left is one I mad from a Susan Branch image. I had a good time making it into a 3 layer version with red, green and black.  I'd forgotten how to do that and thank goodness all it takes is patience. On the right in a modified MMartin template (Layered Memories 31)  is the day before dinner. We certainly are a digital family and there are also a bunch of movies of each of us on our phones, iPads or Macbooks.  Apple, you must love us.

Another family, former neighbors, also came to dinner and the little ones were so sweet. They ate at the tiny table I got for my first grandchild. He is now 16! Crate and Barrel special. On the right is another Susan Branch image made into an overlay. The Joy and Jingle are gold and look quite nice in my opinion! That's all for the 23rd. Just two more days and that's the December Daily 2010.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

December Daily December 22

And the days dwindle down... Ah yes, not many more days for December Daily which is just right. As it gets closer to Christmas, I'm in the mood to be a bit less productive. More of a human BEing than a human doing.  However, when the dh asks if the tree is going to be decorated, it tells me he really does like it more than he says. Typical. :) So that was yesterday, along with a bit of time to watch "Salt" and a chance to celebrate some good times with friends in the pm.

The overlay on the right was made from 2 Designer Digital products, KPertiet 1010101 Overlays and LynnG Hint at It 6. I also played with making a brush from a Susan Branch image and making it a 3 color production as an overlay. Later for that one!

Hope you can take time to stop and smell the pine today or whatever great scent is in your home!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily December 21

Back to more digital. By this point in the project, I'm not all that enthused about doing too much hybrid. For us, and mostly me with DH back home, it's a bit busier and I don't have quite the time I'd like to think, create, print, cut and hopefully not lose the add on bits. I certainly don't want to take the time or money to go out shopping for premade scrapbook items. One of the things I like most about digital is that it's compact. For $3 or so I can have an unending supply of an item. I can also tweak the colors, sizes and shapes. For me hybrid is using some of my digitals to make paper elements and perhaps...only just's then tarting them up with some paint or Stickles. Ok, enough of my scrapping philosophy and on with the 'pitchers', right?

On the left you have another one of Studio Gypsy Number Badges which I have really liked using this year. A solid keeper for sure. The "love" is a jelly type stick-on. That's hybrid for sure! The right side is my saga of how snoring allowed me to see the eclipse.

Here on the left is just day to day. The meat and bones of life. On the right is the unexpected Brio dinner. By unexpected I mean I had planned for the bar meal with the small plates but they were so jammed with holiday shoppers we ended up eating off the main menu. His first time for that. A good meal but not quite what I'd hoped for. He was quite content with his fish dinner though and that made ME happy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Daily December 20

Well it's just one page today but a good journaling page. I was seriously getting lonely the last few days before bicycle boy got back.  Unlimited movies was no longer enough. It gave me pause to realize how much I would miss him if he were not coming back. I also realize I am much more of a 'we' than I have ever been.

Monday, December 20, 2010

December Daily December 19

Ah, getting closer to Christmas, and I have himself back home. What a difference that makes!

Little lady with the tree is KPertiet's OldTimeChristmasKit, not sure about the Peace. 19 is from Studio Gypsy #Badges. Overlay is AnnaAspnes but don't recall which. This has been one of the big drawbacks for me as I do a hybrid album. Forgetting what I used, and not having the automatic supply list in a .psd.

See that red tag! That's one of my few attempts at embossing. Geeze Louise, it's so much easier in digital. I didn't burn myself or my paper but ... Page on right is the story about my neighbor. Funny now, but had he fallen asleep/passed out outside, he would have been a story in the paper I'm afraid.

Snow overlay(KPertiet AllYouNeed), tag words(KPertiet CutUpChristmas), and photo frame(Kelly Mize freebie) are all Designer Digitals as is overlay used as template (AliEdwards 2010DecemberDaily6x8).  Papers are DHD JenAllyson Vintage Findings.

Music is KPertiet FaLaLa and the Joy tage is Ormolu.  Phew!  I'm glad I didn't have more stuff on these pages. :-)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Daily December 18

Not the day I expected as I subbed for a friend at a meeting. I hadn't realized it was an all day meeting. There wasn't anything to document here so I just got a shot of one of the chile judges as there was a chile cook-off for lunch. That adds some spice to a meeting! oh har har, that was bad, wasn't it!

 The Polka page on the left is from Graphic Fairy. I especially liked that it was originally done in Washington DC. Even tho I grew up with polka music, I've never heard of a Christmas Polka. My loss I guess...

The little clock card is from Michaels stationary - $ bin stuff. Sometimes that $ bin has some great stuff I find, and other times just schlock.

 Then I noticed I had forgotten to put in the overlay. I was tired.

The overlay looks best on the left side even tho the Joy looks like You. Not a big deal in my book. And that's all she wrote folks.  Life may get a little more interesting with the return of my bicycle boy. But then again, it may not. Ya never know.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Daily December 17

A story I had thought about when I made the Ho Ho Ho page using Cathy Zielske's HoHo Holiday words. The cutlery is Anna Aspnes' Art Play Palette Cuisine.

I forget what the bottom band  on the ho, ho ho page is but I'll check and get back to you! Overlay is bubble wrap used as a stamp. Much more fun than popping the bubbles!

Totally digital right side page and I'll have to do that supply list later today. Check back if you're interested in what was used.

Gotta run this am to a commitment I wish I didn't have. btw, that page of cutlery was to suggest holiday cooking/baking, all of which I haven't done. Ha! Better for the scales that way. Click image to read the story.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Flashback Friday 10 12 17

Had to dig this one up thinking about a Christmas memory. My daughter and my friend Tracey at Tracey's house. Late 80s, and that was my old couch. I wonder who has it now!

December Daily December 16

Another one of those days in front of the fire with books, and magazines and movies. Strangely enough I didn't make any popcorn. But I did get my pages done and am still enjoying the process.

The one page definitely looks very homemade with my handwriting but I felt like doing it. Some days are like kindergarten days. When I made the first toilet roll overlay I just played with the rest of the transparency. That is an eyeglasses stamp from the $bin at Michaels, thick paint and thin. The stars must be a stamp also but I sure can't recall having one like that!

Love the white lights round the front door, even if they are almost old fashioned now. More houses are using colored lights which are now 'newer.' Seems strange to see trends come full circle but that's what happens if you live long enough I guess. ;-0

All the little bits of the day in a grid from Ali Edwards 6x8 Templates. Saw that the gold star paper is an Anna Griffith and the one little snowflake is a Martha Stewart punch. 

Best news is that my son got home from Afghanistan.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Daily December 15

Ah the day my toe mole left this earth. My mother always said she'd know me by that mole. Sorry Mommy, the dermatologist said it was time. Now you can recognize me by the stitches and future scar on that toe. btw, pink polish is so drab in winter but it made the dermatologist happier. (btw, my mother has been in heaven since 1981 so I know she sees the big picture.)

Angel is from a stencil I bought about 15 years ago and this was its first use! Little elements are from Martha Stewart punches using leftover scraps from photo paper.

Wreath picture is from some Christmas catalog. Not in my house. Dotted paper on right is from Merkeley Designs Crafty Christmas (recolored).

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Daily December 14

What a cold day it was yesterday! I thought a lot about my son wondering if he has left, if he's half way round the world, or what. He was a cheery little lad in England and so much a first born. Then and now.

Here I finally decided on the yellow overlay to add a glow to that sepia page.

I had taken shots round the house yesterday with that snow and decided it was a good day to use the CameraBag app on my iPhone.  I love that phone and if only it wouldn't ring! NO calls!

I had planned for there to be a third page but it was so bloody cold when I went out to a JinShinJyutsu dinner that I had no desire to go back to the car to get my phone after I went in. So maybe I'll write out the third page about it, maybe not. I'll see how today goes.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Daily December 13

Snow! that early morning snowfall threw me for a bit of a loop because I had a few things I needed to get done either on Monday or Tuesday.  Most of it fell while I was washing my hair and fortunately most of it was gone before  my hair was dry.

Santa is from DoverPublications weekly freebies, rub-on ?; #13 is from StudioGypsy Number Badges

Santa overlay is KPertiet VintageGreetingsNo1, paper is KPertiet_FlourishedChristmas. Tag on left on doily is my first and LAST foray into glitter. HeroArts Happy Holiday Stamp. (and do you see the little pic of the man on the beach? That's my dh in Florida, on a chilly day there too. I keep telling him to send me larger pictures...)

Now below there are two different layouts. 13 really is finished but I'm not sure which of the two overlays on the right I'll use. The red text or the yellow/gold  text. I like them both. Some of it depends on how December 14 goes.

AEdwards_DecemberDaily6x8LayeredTemplates, snow word art (words erased) Jenn Lindsey WinterWordArt; overrlay on right is from CelesteKnight MerryandBright

AEdwards_DecemberDaily6x8LayeredTemplates, snow word art (words erased) Jenn Lindsey WinterWordArt; on right overlay with Anna Aspnes ScriptTeaseTime

Monday, December 13, 2010

December Daily December 12

My days get simpler.

Other than a plethora of movies, I managed to get the lights up around the front door. The staples could have been longer but godwilling, the garland will stay up for the holidays.  An evening of magazines to round out the day.

(Picture on left is from Crate and Barrel catalog, holly strip is Christmas packing tape from  $store or Michaels/Target $bin. Letters on the right are from Pattie Knox's FancifulFeltRibbons_Alphabetized-Deep)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

December Daily December 11

I had seen the first two of this trilogy but years ago, i.e. when they came out. I didn't want to watch the third (final?) one until I had refreshed my mind, so I planned that when dh was away I would have a Bourne Day. Yesterday was that day!

There was a list made out but that was mostly just to remind me of things I wanted to get this week. Other than an early morning meeting and a visit to a friend, my day centered around movies. Not bad at all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Daily December 10

Yesterday was a lot of journaling since it was a day I stayed happily in the house for the most part. To me that is a very nice day, with just a movie or a book asking for my attention. I'm also looking forward to my son's visit to the US and keeping him in my prayers.

Ah my book, she is getting fat! That's a good thing since I'm close to half way through. This year it is only going to be through Christmas. I'll do scrapbook pages of what happens the following week. Each year is different!

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