Monday, December 21, 2009

Post Snow

Now come all the exciting things...

Call the Dr and see what the 5 messages that I found on our answering machine are all about. He said my test results were ok so why keep calling after he said Go ahead with the Boston trip?

Hope that dh can connect with someone to come look at the furnace. Glad our gas lines are still ok and that the gas fireplaces are keeping us toasty.

Continue the progress of getting our cars out and call the Mayor to ask if our street will ever be plowed?

But still....enjoy the white stuff which is pretty and pretty rare here.

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Marysol said...

Dr. Quack kept calling you because he knows stress tends to create other problems, which will keep you coming back.
How else could he afford his new, and bigger yacht?

At any rate, enjoy your vacation M! And Merry Christmas!

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