Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dishing The Week 12-20-09

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW there is a sea of white…snow many many inches deep.
I AM HEARING a police car somewhere or possibly a car alarm. Otherwise silence.
I AM WEARING gray fleece and a yellow turtle neck. Comfy comfy.
I AM THINKING that I am happy to be inside today with no need to leave the house.
I AM THANKFUL FOR the very scaled back Christmas we have. It fits our life.
I AM CREATING the final pages of Boston, and the photo prints for the Christmas tags.
I AM GOING to watch the rest of Mad Men today. Can I get it to a mailbox also?
I AM READING "Baghdad without a Map" at night. Funny little stories.
I AM HOPING that whatever is wrong with the furnace thermostat is fixable by the resident engineer. Thank God for the two gas fireplaces.
FROM THE KITCHEN there may be bread in the oven today. We'll see.
ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS is the cd "Wintersong" by Kitka, all Eastern European carols.
A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. Can anything be planned as long as we are snowed in? A haircut would be nice, as well as a pedicure. Otherwise, I'll enjoy the rare snow.

1 comment:

bluerosephoto said...

Your list is as long as mine !
Some on my list matches yours. :o)
Happy first day of Winter, Maureen !

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