Thursday, November 19, 2009

What about that word

No, no, not one of the bad words that now we say with only a letter. The N word, the L word, the F word. No, the word I'm thinking about is a good word. It's my word.

This goes back to this post . I had wondered what my word was as I had totally forgotten it. Maybe, I considered, I had internalized the word. Maybe I just forgot. But in any case, the wooden word just reappeared as I continue to clean out papers and so many unnecessary items round here. It's now hanging right behind me. I just have to change my perspective to


bluerosephoto said...

Relax can be a powerful word if we act on it mentally and physically, as well. :o)

Move that word, Maureen. :o)
btw, I have the word "laugh" on my fridge. It works ! :o)
Have a great weekend !

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

It's a sign! You've cleaned enough for today :-)

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