Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday

Monday gets the Mamas and Papas singing Monday, Monday but what song is there for Tuesday? I don't want to take the time to do some serious googling today so I'll wait for someone to chime in with a Tuesday song.

Me? I am saying no to procrastination, and working my way through the photos from Alaska for an album. Because it wasn't my ...I'll die if I don't see Alaska!! ...trip, I can be a bit more ruthless in the cut. Fortunately only dh had a digital camera on that trip and while I'm culling the pictures, I still will have photo based layouts. I am almost a full week behind on Anna Aspnes class Album Magic. It HAS been helpful to me in seeing steps I haven't taken when thinking about an album. Here's one that didn't make it..me at Mendenhall Glacier looking as if I feared it was coming to get me.

DH likes centering...and he thinks the rule of thirds is one of my odd ideas. Oh well, he gets shots of me, tho not as many as when we were first married 8 years ago! Now I do have to remind him to snap me. It all comes out in the wash. Ok, back to sorting. Then once I have my iMac back I can get to work on the papers and templates.

Footnote: Thanks to CameoRoze for this answer.


bluerosephoto said...

I like the pic of you...I wish we had more pics of me when we travel.
It seems like I didn't go there at all... LOL such is the lament of being the photographer.

My DH used to chop heads and other body parts off, or his hands would shake, but when I started telling him why I was down on my knees taking a shot of a snail, something clicked with him. He has improved so much in the past year. He has even laid claim to my old camera. lol

CameoRoze said...

"Tuesday Afternoon" ... is it the Moody Blues? I think so.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

What a beautiful glacier! I was wondering why you were looking over your shoulder ;-)

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