Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Houses Are NEVER Finished

While the man is away it's always a good time to get another project done. This is best as there's no one going up and down the stairs all day, and eating, and getting coffee and bathroom trips and various other meanderings. It doesn't interfere with MY day to day life, mostly. But if you want something to get done, and you need to shove things all about, it's best done when himself is not home.

He's never bothered about the cost, but he is bothered by the bother. He always says but ...There'll be so much moving to do! ha. I got it all done this morning. If there's one thing I'm good about it's shifting things. I like it too! It gives me a chance to see things in a new light. Right now I'm seeing an empty hallway - pre painting.

Then there is the really cracked section in the center of the house which became worse after the renovation. It's to be expected but it's going to disappear for a while at least.

Then there's the bathroom all full of stuff. Still perfectly usable unless you want to take a shower here!

Fortunately, the other member of the household is not bothered by the shifting of his facilities. I shoved him in to be sure he knew where it was. He's an old guy and tends to forget where and what a lot. I checked. He used it.

Let the painting begin!


willywagtail said...

Go you! It will be wonderful to knock another job off the list. I would love to see the after photos. Cherrie

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Good for you! I get a lot done when my guy travels too.

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