Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love the Mail

Ok, so a lotta days are just bits of junk, including the semi-junk as endless catalogs of vacations cruises, trips etc.fall through the mail slot. Once in a while there is one that gets my attention and subsequently our dollars as there's a trip we want to take. Usually though, I get these right into the recycling since I have a LOT of them already squirreled away for collage projects. I've tried to find a group on Freecycle who'd want them but no luck so far.

But there are other kinds of mail. There are Swap-bot postcards, there are magazines (oh the decadent feeling of a magazine for me!), and there are things ordered. Like external hard drives that are re-entering the mail world unfortunately. Enlargements ordered and waiting to go into the scrapbooks.

And then there are things won. There was a hint of this Sunday. Sometimes I just savor these, and try to find a special time to open them up. (I also then realize I haven't notified the sender that I've rec'd the item and feel terrible. Hanging head in shame...) Janet who blogs at Me and My Art picked me as the winner of an Art Journal. I have never been quite clear if a journal that is 'decorated' is the final creation or is to be used in writing afterward. Janet said I could do whatever I wanted. I know that ...but what do most Art Journalers think? Do you make it as a journal OF art, or is it an Art journal that is designed to be used for word journaling afterwards? Is there any consensus? Does it really matter a rat's ass???

So today I thought I would have the day to myself and unveil my gift. Alas, dh is home with a appointment at the doctor later today. Yes, yes, the best laid plans of mice and women often get waylaid. And yes, I 'should' be more sympathetic but I'm a rotten woman sometimes.

So come back tomorrow and see what's up! Wordless Wednesday will be a picture tale.

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