Monday, November 23, 2009

Dishing the Week November 22, 2009

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW the autumn light is flickering. It's a wonderful late fall day.

I AM HEARING the bubbling of the pork ribs as they simmer for Lithuanian Cabbage Soup.

I AM WEARING khakis and a Chico shirt. Maybe we'll go out today, maybe not.

I AM THINKING that I would like to find something else to do as a volunteer.

I AM THANKFUL FOR this new Macbook. It's just perfect for me.

I AM CREATING a very simple holiday season plan. No tree this year which will make Dick happy. (well just a tabletop tree…)

I AM GOING to start on the middle room this week. One or two big piles, and the tall cabinet may be able to go in there.

I AM READING very little right now. I feel pulled to do more and read less right now and I trust my gut.

I AM HOPING that my iMac comes back today or tomorrow. But if not, then I will catch up on the digital classes when I do get it.

FROM THE KITCHEN there is the scent of the soup, and later there will be meatballs roasting. We had stuffed pork chops last night so it's been a piggy kind of weekend.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS is the silence in the house and around the house. I always marvel at that as we are so close to a main street. Bless the muffling bamboo.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK send the T-day cards today, make the asparagus for our Thanksgiving with friends, and take my dear friend Judy to the physical therapist. Ok, clean out the car too! Try not to complain all week for really, what do I have to complain about in the big picture, or even the small one.

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