Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dishing The Week 11-29-09

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW the pink light of dawn glows in the sky.

I AM HEARING the gurgle gurgle gurgle of Sebastian's tummy.

I AM WEARING my pajamas. Who would be dressed so early?

I AM THINKING that as nice as it is to go to friends for Thanksgiving, I surprised myself by missing leftovers.

I AM THANKFUL FOR the health and safety of all our children.

I AM CREATING file transfers between computers. Figuring out how to do it was the creative part - sort of. Right??

I AM GOING to start the actual pages of the Alaska Album today. Photos selected, digital selected, now to drop and decorate.

I AM READING a book about Wyoming at bedtime. The Meadow by James Galvin. Nice vignettes about the state, much lighter than Annie Proulx.

I AM HOPING that I can find another box or 2 to take to the Lutheran Mission this week. Then head to the books for clear out.

FROM THE KITCHEN I think it will be a pot roast today. Maybe shortbread too.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS is hot tea ready for me when I get up.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. See if those friend lunches are possible this week and check CHOW for Boston restaurants, tho there are always our old favorites.

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