Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dishing the Week 11-15-09

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW which is open again! I can see the leaves still falling one by one. The red maple has finally burst into its deep dark red balanced by the green of the bamboo.

I AM HEARING the calming tick of the clock, cars and birds. The finches are back.

I AM WEARING my jammies. I may stay in them all day and not say one single word outloud.

I AM THINKING about a dream I had about a story of a boy and his garden written and illustrated by my friend Carol. The pages appeared to be grocery bags and it was all done with pencil sketches. Is that for 'me' to do rather than Carol???

I AM THANKFUL FOR all of it.

I AM CREATING my digital pages slowly now. The stories for Ali's class take time but thank God there are pre-designed layouts. Then there is Anna's class...I'm so glad I got Sharlah's tags done!

I AM GOING to find time to have lunch with friends this week.

I AM READING nothing special. None of the books from my stash seem to have much appeal. It's more movie time after a lot of computer time. That gives the eyes a break too.

I AM HOPING that I can get a good portion of the garden clean up done while Ann paints.

FROM THE KITCHEN shall come some food gifts. Cooking for others makes me happiest.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS is my time alone. Who'd a thunk it?

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK. Color my hair, install SnowLeopard, work on the stacks of clutter in the studio, and continue emptying the middle room. Otherwise, go outside in the balmy air and finish weeding the driveway.

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