Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dishing the Week 11-01-09

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW -it's sunny with light bouncing around my window panes.

I AM HEARING - general signs of life from Dick in his office.

I AM WEARING - khakis and a yellow cotton turtle neck. It's a day that's cooler inside than out.

I AM THINKING - that as good as it is to have Dick back home, it's easier to sleep w/o him! No snoring...even if it is pretty quiet these days.

I AM THANKFUL FOR - his safe return and Bekah's improved heath and for finally getting the spilled honey off the pantry shelf. Big deals and pesky deals.

I AM CREATING - order with my new digital supplies. Put them away properly labeled and I'm more relaxed creating with them. I also have a new Art Journal that I won! woohoo

I AM GOING - to the Apple store today with Dick. He deals with his sync issue and I look at Macbooks. I think I'll buy on line once I determine my specs.

I AM READING - the newspapers. I want to get them cleared out today for my bunny lady who takes them. I need a good book to read!

I AM HOPING - that the new 1T hard drive install will go smoothly.

FROM THE KITCHEN - we are having the posole and slices of the good dark breads from Cleveland.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - is having Sebastian stay with me all day, except for his hundred zillion forays down to the kitchen for grazing. At least he can still manage the stairs.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK -Switch out ehds, making the 1T the new backup; test out dvd burning; keep up with my digital classes and lessons;remain grateful for all that is, as it is.

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bluerosephoto said...

You are a busy lady. :o)

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