Monday, October 26, 2009



This is a sport I never envisaged watching, tho I learned about it when I met someone here in Annapolis who coached it. He was a CA transplant and picked up the sport in those balmy climates. Well years passed and my eldest grandchild is quite an athlete. He loves swimming and soccer. When he started high school this year, he decided on water polo rather than soccer.

So, I suddenly started watching water polo! The good points are that the pools are indoors and warm in winter. The bad points are, yet again, that the matches are two a day but with times like 10:10 and 3:30. That can be a lot of hanging about for family in between. Fortunately, this past weekend the games were in Annapolis so we could go home betwixt matches. I can't always make the earlier on because of distance or other commitments on weekends but I try.

Fortunately, it's enough like soccer for me, and enough like hockey for dh, so we can both follow enough to get the gist. And despite the hot steamy chlorine hour or so, it's a lot better than standing on a windy hill, on frozen ground during those weekend soccer matches. The only thing good about that memory is the trip to some great outlets between the soccer matches. Oh well, there are stores everywhere...

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