Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to the Trains

Last week, before the daily rains came, I met up with some Artist Way peeps to visit the B&O Railroad Museum. Now we here know what that is...Baltimore and Ohio. The museum, which is in the old round house, is normally a pricey one ($14 for adults) but last Tuesday it was Free. That's the best price.

Even better was seeing the museum through a toddler's eyes. Little Ben reminded us all of the joy in seeing the new and wondersome in all. He ventured across the tracks and taught himself the way to take his tiny feet across the gaps. He liked the sounds in the exhibits of whistles, and toots but even better in his mind were the stones and the bits of bark outside.

Anyone who thinks a little one is high maintenance just hasn't let that child BE a child.

We watched a couple of hovering, rule imposing parents and grandparents that day. Us? we let Ben be Ben and had a good hour or more of just sit in the sun chat time. That's a great treat for any adult, especially a Mom.

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