Tuesday, October 6, 2009

To Everything There is a Season....or 2

Yesterday I started another class. How foolish is that or is it all supposed to fit together?? I don’t know but I know it felt right and I’ll manage. I really don’t have much planned till the trip out west the end of the month but right now, right her, writing and documenting seems to where it’s at, and what I’m willing to do. Fall and winter are the time for reflection, so reflecting glass, polish yourself up cause I’m a-lookin’ in.

That’s where the internal clock is and so much of the external is in that mode also. I’m looking round this house, which is in that extended between-seasons timeframe. It seems to go on so long here in MD with the back and forth between late summer and early fall. I suppose it’s normal, yet it surprises me every year, and more than surprises me, it irritates me as I want to shift the clothes and the bedding and be Done with it. So much for wanting a quick resolution to life’s issues, eh?

Yesterday was a great example. I was fine under the covers in the cool (he’d say chilly) bedroom, and then came down to a too warm (he’d say cozy) kitchen. The Jotul was on and the cat lounged smugly in front of it. I, of course, turned the thermostat down about 5 degrees and off it went. The cat went off in a huff, and even hid when it was time for his morning pill. “I’ll show her!” I got dressed with socks and two t-shirts, one long sleeved, one short. By noon, the studio was warm enough from the sun to make me think about taking off one shirt. Instead I took off my shoes.

Shoes…that’’s typical. Do I want sandals or mules with socks? Do I want a long sleeved shirt, a short-sleeved shirt or both? Do I want cropped pants or long ones? Do we want the a/c on at night or the windows open or the windows open AND the fan on? Geeze Louise, nothing is writ in stone, and I realize I’m not a fan of this kind of variation. C’mon Mama Nature, make up your leaf strewn mind.

Ok, I’m thinking my next cuppa hot pumpkin spiced coffee may be an iced one. Maybe it’s good to have variety in life, right??? Maybe I just need to chill.

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Canarybird said...

Hi Maureen.....just dropped by to say hello and see how you are doing away from the Cooking Forum. Seems you have the same hot/cool issues I have with my DH. I need a cool bedroom (he says it's freezing) and he keeps the living room like an oven (I open all the windows) and so on LOL. Kind regards, Sharon.

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