Monday, October 12, 2009

Dishing the Week

Last week. Somehow a lot of nothing got done yesterday, and that made it a damn good day. I feel so totally relieved not to be tutoring till January - maybe. As much as I love it, and I really do, it just got tiring. I think my student's constant yawning greatly contributed to that feeling. But enough about jails.

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW - the sky is overcast and the bamboo is drooping.

I AM HEARING - the tick tick tick of the clock and the click of the keyboard.

I AM WEARING - my first Halloween socks of the season!! Oh yeah, other clothes too. Like black pants and the tan long sleeved t-shirt. It's almost a uniform.

I AM THINKING - that I should finish up the picture sorting today while I have the kitchen table free. The man has gone to the dentist and then has a meeting.

I AM THANKFUL FOR - all of it.

I AM CREATING - order, or at least I'm trying.

I AM GOING - try and catch up with my digital classes today.

I AM READING - The Children's Book. This was a slow start and boy does she love detail.

I AM HOPING - that all goes will this week for Bekah's BMT (bone marrow transplant).

FROM THE KITCHEN - there are good leftovers from last night's dinner and a halibut soup to be made.

ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS - lately is having Sebastian keeping me company in the studio. I know it's not me; it's the heated cushion but I'll take what I can get from this boy.

A FEW PLANS FOR THE REST OF THE WEEK - keep on keeping on with the classes, pack up the scrapping things for my trips to Baltimore, visit the Railroad Museum in Baltimore with Artist Way peeeps. Get myself to Target before the purple stuff is gone.

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